Zang Auerbach , cartoonist, Washington Star , 1921 - February 13, 2003

Brother of the renowned NBA legend, Red Auerbach. Zang created a painting for his brother Red that shows just a hand, a cigar, and the smoke spelling out "Red." Zang Auerbach also painted the leprechaun that graces center court of the parquet at the FleetCenter.

Editorial and sports cartoonist, who worked for papers in Washington, DC, who designed the team logos for both the Boston Celtics and Washington Senators, of heart ailments in Silver Springs, MD at age 81.

Zang Auerbach, an artist and cartoonist who worked at a number of East Coast newspapers over the years, he is perhaps best known for creating the cartoon logo for the Boston Celtics. The Washington Post described his career thusly: "After the war, he became an editorial and sports artist and cartoonist for the Post and later for the Times-Herald. For 13 years before joining Kahn-Oppenheimer, he worked for the Evening Star. He drew sports figures including Babe Ruth and boxers Rocky Marciano and Joe Lewis. He also did such entertainers as Spike Jones, Billy Gilbert and Faye Emerson."

Attribution: NY Times,, FantaGraphics Books, Washington Post


  1. I just found a portrait illustration by Zang Auerbach at a flea market in New Jersey. I was hoping to find any additional info on the artist or the subject. Please view the piece at email me with any leads...
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  2. My father was in front of Zang in line at an airport in 1976. As my dad was going through his wallet to purchase his ticket, Zang saw a photo of me in the wallet, and engaged in conversation, where he said "It would be an honor if you would let me paint this picture". My dad lent him the photo, exchanged contact information, and several months later, received a wonderful rendition of my picture. I'm grown now, and decided to learn more about Zang for myself, since it's always been on a wall growing up. Saddened to know he passed away in 2003, but enlightened to know he had such an impact professionally, and in service to his country. I have a new way of seeing this picture everyday on the wall in my study. Thank you for this article. All the best...