Michael DeMond Davis

Michael DeMond Davis (January 1939 to November 13, 2003) was an award winning journalist who co-authored the Thurgood Marshall Biography. He was a pioneer in African American jounralism, opening the doors for many African-American writers.
Early Life He was born in Washington, D.C., the son of John P. Davis and Marguerite DeMond Davis. Mike D. Davis grew up in the bosom of the dignified black middle class of Washington D.C. and New York New York. His father, John P. Davis was a graduate of Harvard Law School and his mother , Marguerite DeMond was a graduate of Syracuse University. John P. Davis became prominent for his work with the Joint Committee on National Recovery and the founding of the National Negro Congress in 1935. He went on to found Our World magazine in 1946, a full-size, nationally-distributed magazine edited for African American readers. He also published the American Negro Reference book covering virtually every aspect of African-American life, present and past. Mike Davis was the grandson of Dr. William Henry Davis and the Reverend Abraham Lincoln DeMond.