John Harry Shannon (aka "The Rambler") 1870-1928

Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Brentwood, MD, 11/04. As "The Rambler", Shannon wrote about local history for the Washington Star in the teens and early 1920s. From 1912 - 1927 J. Harry Shannon, known as "The Rambler," published articles on Washington and vicinity in The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C. The following files are transcriptions of articles that refer to individuals or families interred in Congressional Cemetery.

Joseph A. Fox - Star's White House correspondent from April 1943 to February '54

Newspaper reporter from 1913 to 1956. Worked for the Washington Evening Star, March 1924-August 1956. He was the Star's White House correspondent from April 1943 to February '54 and its national correspondent, 1954-56. Served in the Information Service of the Department of Commerce, 1957-67.

Oral History Interview with Joseph A. Fox

Attribution: The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Samuel H. Kauffmann Dead; Washington Evening Star Proprietor a Well-Known Art Connoisseur (October 26, 1893 - May 5, 1960

The New York Times, Published: March 16, 1906
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Monday, Dec. 29, 1952 The Press: The Old Lady of Washington

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Howard S. Fisk - Star Automotive Editor - December 20, 1961

Howard S. Fisk was employed by the Evening Star newspaper in the District of Columbia for 66 years. He was hired as a copy boy at about age 15 on August 21, 1893, and retired on August 21, 1959 as a respected reporter after one of the longest journalism careers in United States history. His death came at home after a brief illness on December 20, 1961, at age 83.

Clifford K. Berryman - April 2, 1869 - December 11, 1949 - Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist with the Washington Star from 1907-1949.

Photo: Shorpy Historic Photos

Circa 1915. "Harris & Ewing. Posing Cliff Berryman." Political cartoonist Clifford Berryman at the Washington, D.C., photo studio founded in 1905 by George Harris and Martha Ewing. Harris & Ewing glass negative.