John Harry Shannon (aka "The Rambler") 1870-1928

Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Brentwood, MD, 11/04. As "The Rambler", Shannon wrote about local history for the Washington Star in the teens and early 1920s. From 1912 - 1927 J. Harry Shannon, known as "The Rambler," published articles on Washington and vicinity in The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C. The following files are transcriptions of articles that refer to individuals or families interred in Congressional Cemetery.
These transcriptions contain the text only. The Rambler articles frequently contain photographs of individuals and locations throughout the area, and you may wish to check The Evening Star to see what photographs were included. The Kiplinger Library of the D.C. Historical Society owns a large collection of the Rambler's photographs.

The Evening Star Articles by The Rambler

Photo: Ryan M. Shepard
Attribution:, Ryan M. Shepard

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