Martha Livdahl Grigg, Prize-Winning Writer/Editor, February 22, 2014

One of God's most generous creatures died in her sleep at home in Chevy Chase Saturday Feb. 22. A prize-winning writer and editor, Martha had been in and out of hospital and rehab since Christmas for fluid buildup related to a uterine cancer diagnosed seven years ago.

Never happier than when giving a party, she also for 25 years organized a "Phantom Dinner" which people subscribed to knowing there would be no real event. The "dinners" raised about a million dollars for the House of Mercy, a Washington charity est. 1882 to help unwed mothers but which by the 70's, as needs changed, supported the Rosemount model preschool program for inner city kids. In 1991, when the "Phantom of the Opera" came to town, Martha sold out a night's performance for the charity and organized a real dinner preceding the show.

She was the director of GEICO's employee communications -- editing a prize-winning magazine and many pamphlets. She wrote "Breast Cancer and You" and a Gothic mystery, "The Bethnal Inheritance," articles for the Post and Star, and a best-selling government publication on the safety of breast implants. She was president of the Intl. Assoc. of Business Communicators/ DC Metro and of the House of Mercy.

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