Rex Hardesty - AFL-CIO Chief Spokesman, 67 - January 9, 2005

He moved to Washington in the mid-1960s to work for the Washington Star on the sports copy desk. He worked briefly for the Communications Workers of America before he joined the AFL-CIO in 1969 as editor of its monthly journal, moving up to director of information in 1987.

"He was the labor movement's encyclopedia of funny stories -- he would tell me stories about incidents which I had been a participant in 20 years earlier and had forgotten about," Donohue said. Mr. Hardesty was born in Tulsa and lost his left eye in a childhood accident. He spent six years studying to be a Roman Catholic priest. He attended Benedictine Heights College and the University of Tulsa before turning to journalism in the sports department of the Tulsa World.

Washington Post Obit

Quote: "The news media have decided that labor is irrelevant and no longer a critical beat. To the extent that hurts working America, it is a tragedy."

Photo: Washington Post
Attribution: Washington Post, IBEW,

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