Paul Haney, voice of NASA, May 28, 2009

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. -- Paul Haney, who was known as the "voice of NASA's Mission Control" for his live televised reports during the early years of the space program, has died of cancer. He was 80.
Haney was born in 1928 in Akron, Ohio, and earned a journalism degree from Kent State University in 1945. While in college, Haney worked nights for The Associated Press. He also worked at newspapers in Erie, Pa.; Memphis, Tenn.; Charleston, S.C.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Houston and El Paso, Texas, and at the Evening Star in Washington, D.C.

Paul Haney, who left the Star to work for NASA in the late 1950s, discovered our Star alumni group and became a most fascinating e-mail pal, telling tales of his time at the Star. Here is one bit, in his e e cummings style, that might help you place him in the Star history: "i took jerry o’leary’s place on the city desk in the late '50s when he and tribble decided jerry wanted to go back to reporting. jerry's dad covered the white house during the eisenhower years. rarely came in the office. carl bernstein was then the lead dictationist. and a damn good one." Below are links to Paul's obituary in the New York Times and Washington Post.


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