Jeremiah O'Leary - An American newspaper reporter and columnist - December 19, 1993

After the war, he was a reporter for the Washington Star-News (later called the Washington Star), focusing on defense and foreign policy issues. When the Star folded in 1981, O'Leary joined the Reagan Administration as press secretary for National Security Advisor William P. Clark, Jr. Soon after the founding of the Washington Times in 1982, he joined that paper as a White House correspondent, became president of the White House Correspondents Association, and ended his career writing a weekly column focused on nostalgic reminiscences of the past.

In warm weather, one of the tenants enjoyed drinking beer on the front stoop -- in his undershirt. At the time, my husband, Jeremiah O'Leary, was a reporter for the Washington Star. Jerry was also in the Marine Corps Reserve and wore a uniform for duty once a month. One day as he was coming home from the Star, he was stopped by our beer-drinking neighbor, who whispered conspiratorially, "Mr. O'Leary, I don't want to cause any trouble, but when you're not at home, there is a Marine who goes in to see your wife." -- Maria O'Leary, Alexandria

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