Irving Lowens; Washington Star music critic (19 August 1916-14 November 1983)

Irving Lowens was a polymath who possessed an extraordinary intellect and boundless energy. A musicologist of first rank, he made seminal contributions to the study of music in America.
Founder of the Society for American Music (formerly the Sonneck Society) and, through his affiliation with the Library of Congress, a leader in the mid 20th-century endeavors of the Music Library Association, he also contributed immeasurably to progress in American musicological enterprise.
Having labored throughout his life as educator, composer, librarian, scholar, world traveler, de facto ambassador, and even chess player, Lowens is especially suited for designation as a public intellectual.

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  • Book: Bibliography of Songsters Printed in America Before 1821 (Irving Lowens, Hardcover)
  • Book: Music and Musicians in Early America (Irving Lowens, Hardcover)
  • Book: American Sacred Music Imprints, 1698-1810 (Allen Perdue Britton, Hardcover)
  • Book: Haydn in America (Irving Lowens, Hardcover)
  • Book: Music in America and American Music (Irving Lowens)

Attribution: Dissertation-Irving Lowens and the Washington Star: The Vision, The Demise by Holly, Janice E. (Digital Repository of the U. of MD. My thanks to Deborah Papier for discovering this.

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