Eddie Crane - Invaluable to the growth of scholastic sports in Northern Virginia

Crane joined The Washington Star sports staff in 1961, and was appointed scholastic sports editor in 1965, and held that position until the Star’s demise in 1981. Crane’s work pushed high school sports to the public forefront.

High school sports in Northern Virginia and Eddie Crane were synonymous over a 30-year period from 1950 until 1980. Crane was a native of Alexandria, Virginia and a graduate of George Washington High School. He actually began covering prep athletics in 1943 while a student at George Washington High School. In 1948 he became a full-time sportswriter for the Alexandria Gazette, and served as sports editor for the paper from 1949-60.

Among the many honors bestowed upon Crane were the Virginia Sportswriters Association Member Award in 1969, the VHSCA News Media Award in 1981, and the Alexandria Sportsmanship Club Award in 1986. Crane was a co-founder, charter member and president of the Alexandria Grandstand Managers organization that promotes youth sports and president of the Alexandria Sportsman Club.

Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Bio

Attribution: Virginia Sports Hall of Fame

Reply by Russ White on July 2008 - Sweet, Gentle Knight of the Keyboard.  Eddie was a little guy who was BIG in knowledge and kindness.  He was a mentor when I did a stint at the Alexandria Gazette, a great friend and supporter when I was at the Star.

Reply by Matt Golas on July 2008 - i hear you russ.  eddie got a ton of journos started on their way. what a great example he set for fairness, hard work, humor while at work.

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  1. Eddie hired me to cover high school girls basketball, even though I had never written for a newspaper; my background was radio. But under his tutelage I worked my way through the high school girls basketball scene. Speaking of humor, Matt -- one day, Eddie just casually said to me of my future, "Too bad you're not black, Jewish and a woman." And I replied, "Two out of three isn't bad." You should have seen the look on his face -- clearly, I had surprised him! Boy, he had a good laugh about that!