Arnie Sachs News Photographer; Took Pictures of 11 Presidents- November 3, 2006

Sachs was awarded the WHNPA Lifetime Achievement Award for Still Photography in 2001. He was a member of the WHNPA for 56 years, during which time he served as secretary, chairman of the photo contest book, and member of the Eyes of History gala committee. Among his awards are numerous first prizes in the WHNPA Eyes of History, the American Newspaper Guild Front Page Awards, and the Hearst National Photo Contest.
He started as a messenger boy for a Hearst newspaper in New York in 1946, and within five years, he was a Washington-based photographer for Hearst's International News Photos Wire Service. He also worked for the old Washington Star and, starting in the early 1960s, spent more than twenty years with Agence France-Presse. For much of his life, Arnie and his wife Lorraine also co-owned and operated the photographic news agency Consolidated News Photos and the Congressional Photo Shoppe in Southeast Washington, a block from Capitol Hill.

Washington Post Obit

Photo: WHNPA 
Attribution: Washington Post, White House News Photographers Assc,

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